From Louisiana to Texas

Have you ever had that season in life that was so crazy hectic when you look back it just seems like a blur? Like... when you have your second child, decide to build a house in a different state, try and sell your house, buy a new car, your hub's gets a new job and move out all at the same time... Oh... and during a Hurricane just to make it more exciting. ;)

Yea, I've never had that happen to me either...

Now that the hectic craziness is over... right... perhaps I can try this blogging thing again. I've certainly been busy enough to have a few posts you may want to read. May, being the key word.

It's been a month since we've moved from my home state of Louisiana to the great state of Texas and God as always... has been so gracious and kind.

It is still an adjustment for me to uproot from a church I had attended for over 20 years plus beloved friends I have left behind. :( Yet, as with everything during the last five years (Yay! Five Year anniversary next month!) God had proven over and over that He is faithful to take care of us.

If God is faithful to open this door for Bryan's new job, have us to build this beautiful new home and sell our house so easily... how could He not take care of us here?

Now does that mean I still don't have hard days where I mourn the loss of our New Orlean's life? Definitely not. But at the end of those days I am reminded that God is faithful in His promises
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28
...and He also has given me a scatter brained mind that will easily latch onto something else to keep my interest.

Like... making things for our new home. :)

Yes, God does get a kick out of me. Hope you do too.

So I should be having a bunch of new tutorials up and running.
I don't have the cheapest or the easiest tutorials... yet I probably have some of the funniest so I hope you join me on this adventure and may these stories encourage you to be adventurous too!

God Bless


I know what you are thinking... I'm surrounded by some good looking men!

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