Guest Room Reveal!

I am so excited to FINALLY show you my guest room re-do!

It's been a bit intense getting it ready with some very interesting distractions... like going to the ER to get six stitches for my 2½ year old and than Croup and Viral Bronchitis.

So fun stuff! Yet... not as fun as revealing this!

This is what the Bedroom looked like when we moved in:

It's the ugly beige that the WHOLE HOUSE is painted. Honestly, couldn't they paint it white?! NO....
Anyway, I toyed around for weeks with what to paint the room. I really wanted stripes but I had just done stripes downstairs....

Than I wanted Mint but I remembered one day I will paint the dinning room Mint.
So maybe seafoam? .... I wasn't super excited about anything.

I kind of wanted to use the paint we had already to save some moolah. Finally... that thought won out and I used the rest of the Benjamin Moore Revere Gray to paint that room!

And... I did stripes. Here I was in the process of painting them:

And all finished! I'm getting pretty good at stripes...

I don't think there can ever be enough stripes!!!!!!!!!
I may be wrong but... my husband doesn't mind and since he's the one that has to live with it, we are good!

All the furniture within was in our old bedroom in our house in Louisiana. (See photo above) I've always detested it much to my husband's sadness. It wasn't bad furniture, it just was not my favorite wood color. Yes, I indeed have wood shade preferences.

I'd always toyed with painting it... yet never had the guts in Louisiana. Whether I am older or wiser now... or just insane and have a "Oh what could go wrong?" attitude... I finally got the guts to paint it!

I spraypainted all three of the main bedroom furniture.
The headboard, the matching nightstand and than this old nightstand we had lying around and always used.

It had gone well the first time and I was so excited that when Bryan and I went on a date that night I told him all about it!!

Me: "And I spraypainted those two night stands white!"
Bryan: "Two nightstands?"
Me: "Yea, the one that matched and that old one we'd always had in there."
Bryan: ".... You mean the one my grandfather made? You spray painted it?"
Me: "Your grandfather?"
Bryan: "Yea, it's the only thing I have left of his."

Complete and utter horror. I basically just ruined my husbands only family heirloom from his grandfather. Shoot... I'm super awesome. .......

I did have a photo of the nightstand before I painted/destroyed it. So, that was a comfort to Bryan. Until I lost my phone in Home Depot and the ONLY photo of the nightstand in it's original form.

Than came the tears.... for days.
Here is the nightstand I Beautified/Destroyed.

He wouldn't look at it for a few days but after he lovingly got over it he said that I painted it well.
I'll take that.

I plan on painting the dresser one day in mint. Not today though... or tomorrow for sure.

The curtains are from World Market! I loved them and wanted them in my dinning room but they are the shortest curtains in existence. They barely even fit in my normal 8ft room. Bryan made it work though. That sexy beast him.

I found this mirror on a Goodwill Trip with a friend. It was a kind of ugly beige so I spray painted it a glossy black and put some gold and white photo frames around it. I made a print that says:
"Hey Good Lookin" so when my guests look in their mirror they'd know a good lookin person was looking back!

My favorite part of the room is this odd photo arrangement.

I had thought of putting Maps of all the countries Bryan and I had been too but I already had a
Travel Map downstairs. Among those Maps I was going to put a map of Disney World since I'm kind of a fan... than I thought, it would be so awesome if I found some old Vintage Disney Maps and hung them!!

I called Bryan first to approve this time (I've learned since the whole destroying family heirlooms thing). He thought the idea was hilarious and said he'd expect nothing less from me.

Green Light!

I accessorized some more with some Disney artifacts from my years of working there and VOILA!

You've now been officially a guest 
in my Guest Room.

It has a few more tweaks I'll do later like the dresser and the bench at the bottom of the bed but for right now, it is totally guest Ready!

Speaking of guests... Gotta head to the airport to pick them up! Bryan's brother John, his wife Lisa and my adorable nephew Evan are on their way here. Gotta jet.

Hope you enjoyed!

God Bless and Much Love,


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