DIY Display Bow Tie Storage

My Bestie Dannette came in to help me nest this last week.

She has come in my last trimester for about a week for each of my three pregnancies.
She comes probably because she knows I'm losing my mind trying to get everything ready.

She also comes to pamper me like crazy and words will never express how sweet it is to be loved by her! She came. She cleaned. She pampered and… she crafted. A lot.

It was kind of like crafting boot camp as I tried to cram all of my last minute projects plus all the ones I've been wanting to do for her into the few days she was here.

We accomplished a crazy amount of things.

While I should probably show you all of them and be a good blogger like that…
I'll just show you the one that we had to really think out of the box for.

Bryan and I went with a "Little Gentleman" theme with our third bambino's room and I have had the best time designing it and figuring it out. Here is a sneak peek!

Big shout out to my friend Sarah who made that wooden mustache sign for me. It is absolutely flawless and I feel so loved by it since she use to come to ME for wood sign advice!! She's a mad pro now. 

Back to the Room - One thing I wanted was to have some little man bow ties.
One of the first projects Dannette and I did was make about ten little bow ties that would be spread out between our four boys. Five of which we made infant size.

I wanted to incorporate the bow ties in my design scheme for the room.
And after working like half a day on them I wanted those puppies displayed for sure!

I knew I was going to put them on wood. (Of course… I mean really, did you think anything else from me?) 

I cut a 28 inch board and stained it to my liking. Yet, the tricky part was figuring out how could I attach the bow ties to the board and be able to remove them anytime I wanted to use one?

We bought some cup hooks… yet that was a fail because the hooks were curved and you couldn't curve the bow tie middle around it and keep it on.

As we were thinking about it we were discussing how we could get some clips to help make the toddler bow ties for the other boys. I pulled out some old hair prong clips from some of my first projects and I'm not sure which genius (My husband or Dannette) said it first but the clip suddenly became our answer.

What if we hot glued a hair clip to the wood and used that to slide the bow ties on and off on?!

Yep. That simple. 

After sadly dropping Dannette off to the airport today, I ran to a Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up some hair prong clips for $1.67. These looked so good they might also even work for the bigger bow ties we made for our older little guys. Maybe. I'll have to let you know. :)

I grabbed my glue gun, my tape measure and my bow ties and went to work!

It awesomely took about five minutes. While I tried to measure them perfectly out, that lasted for about a minute and then I just did it by sight.

Here is a photo of how the bow ties slide on and off of the prong clips. I did not glue the bow ties to the prong clips. I glued the bottom half of the prong clip to the wood and made sure the top half could still open and close.

This is the piece of wood with just the prongs attached to it. 

Then with all the colorful bow ties! Instant awesome functional decor! 

It's adorables! Plus they slide off so smooth!!

I am super excited about it and can't wait to try each of those little bow ties on our new little boy.
Only six weeks left!

Still have some stuff I'd like to get done but NOTHING that if I didn't get it done would make us not ready for Ezra! Whew… I can breathe. :)

Hope to share some more with you real soon!

God bless and Much Love,


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