Year Five: The Irish Wedding

I'm doing a bit of maintenance today (shocking I know!)
The following is a REPOST of our Year Five: Irish Wedding. The original website it was on went down so it wanted desperately to be here with its old friends.

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It is that wonderful time of year again!

At the beginning of November, my sweet hubby and I celebrate our favorite day of the year. 
The day we said, "I do." 

And this year was our 5th wedding anniversary and as with every year, we throw
us a little shindig. ;) Each year we renew our vows to a different theme, invite our crazy family
and friends and tie the knot again.

Both of us being Irish we thought it was the perfect time to have a real Irish wedding... kilts and all.

Check out McCarty Designs special decor for our very special day: 

That is one good looking man in a kilt! 

More impressive bling to add to my collection.

Since it was in the middle of the afternoon, we kept it simple with homemade oatmeal cream pies, shamrock cookies and some lime water and Irish Coffee Punch. 

Bryan's Irish Family. 

My Proud Parents. 

When I first got married in 2007 I had just returned home from working at Walt Disney World.
At the time I had one friend, who I still talked to and still surprisingly liked me. (I wasn't the best of peeps back in my early twenties. The Lord graciously did so much work in me!) She's the one behind the baby and in front of Bryan. Megan. <3

So Megan, my sister Holly and a friend I had just made Danielle were the only bridesmaids I had in my wedding. Not my dream but at the time I thought I was inconveniencing them by even asking...

Thankfully I've learned what a fun honor it is to be a bridesmaid and the joy of having
amazing women who would love to stand with you on such an important occasion.

So we use these "faux" weddings as an opportunity for me to honor the special relationships 
I have and have those ladies stand with me on our special days! 

I am just so blessed to know so many amazing women who are a part of my life it is a joy
to have them be crazy and silly with me!! 

Megan by the way, has been a bridesmaid for me 4 out of my 6 weddings. 
She only missed 2 of them because they were destination weddings. 
Kristen is following closely behind her with 3 weddings.
And I've had the great blessing of being in both of their stunning real weddings.  

I'm pretty humbled they keep saying yes each year. I'm super lucky. 

Well... perhaps it's more than luck.
God had an amazing plan.

He handpicked me for Bryan as much as he handpicked Bryan for me.
These have definitely been the best five years of me whole life and I'm excited about the next sixty!

God Bless,


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