McCarty Adventures: Elliot's Photos

When Elliot was born I ran across this lady Adele Enersen's fun website where she was having a ton of adventures with her sweet baby girl! I thought... I could do that. ;0)

I learned very quickly though that her daughter must sleep like a rock... and mine, yea not so much. But that didn't stop us from making some awesome memories. 

I had so much fun doing it with Elliot that we had to do it with Ethan. 
Yet, before I debut Ethan's starting adventure... I thought I'd re-cap all of Elliot's. 
Check them out! 

Our little Destructor courtesy of Stevie Ramos Photography

 I actually found this onsie at a thrift store and had to have it... and Like Hubig's... Made 100% locally and awesomely sweet. 

Elliot was born in Winter 2010 but there definitely was not snow that year so I decided to build him some. 

Enjoying a day in the sun. 

One of my fav's... Hip hop Elliot
♫ I like my milk and I cannot lie ♫

Where's Elliot?

Be my Valentine?

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!
We found the baby in the King Cake!

When Elliot was feeling under the weather Dr Bear made a house call.

Our little lucky charm.

Captain Adorable hits the high seas!

Elliot was excited to be the Easter Bunny until we told him where the eggs came from.
"You want me to hatch WHAT?!?"

And all that Jazz...

We had such a good time making these photos we are excited to do them again with Ethan and hope one day... one day... 
Elliot will stand still for photos and we can do these again. :) 

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