14 Days of Valentine's: Part 1

When people think of Valentine's Day they usually go the commercial route (I mean it is a commercial holiday...) with chocolates, roses and romantic candlelight dinners.

Yet, it seems like this is our Man's holiday to shower on us. While... I'm all for my hubby showering love, affection, treats and jewelry on me... I'm really all about showering some lovin on him!

That's what gets me so excited about this time of year. It's a time where we can do small gestures that make a HUGE impact.

Now I understand everyone is busy and we all have responsibilities so I pulled out the
"14 Days of Valentine's" I did last year for my man and will post them here for you to use, enjoy and watch the glow appear on the love of your life's face!

These could also be used for kids, parents, friends... whatever you want!

Whoever you make it for, it will be worth your time to melt their heart and remind them how deeply special they are to you.

Also you don't have to do "14 days". You can do 10 or 5 or 3. It's up to you. Whatever you see that reminds you of your husband or things that you know he likes. That's the fun about it.

So, dust off your printer and let's get started!

Each night after my hubby went to sleep I snuck into the kitchen and put that day's Valentine out for him to see when he woke up.

Day 1:

A Candy Heart Letter.

Bryan loves Candy hearts and I saw this idea on Pinterest forever ago to take all the hearts and write him a letter. They are $1 at most dollar stores or Wal-Mart plus you will have a blast using all the phrases. I actually used Elmer's Glue to glue those hearts down but you could just lick them and stick them on the paper. I really wanted mine to stick and he had plenty to eat leftover so it wasn't a sacrifice to glue those hearts down.

Feel free to make it as risqué or as innocent as you like. I'm sure you can imagine what mine said. He loved it.

He liked it so much... he wrote me back. :)

Day 2:

 I'm all about making my own printables. I saw this one on Pinterest and designed my own:

 All you do is open a Word Document (Or whatever word processing program you use) and type all your favorite things your husband does for you. Make the YOU and ME in Caps and at least 20pt bigger than the middle. Print it out and I layered it with some fancy scrapbooking paper my mother-in-law gave me.

Sometimes saying it simply is just as beautiful as saying it long and flowy.

Day 3:

My husband loves nuts... thus why he married me. ;)

I designed this little graphic and tied it to his favorite can of nuts I'd picked up at the supermarket.
Less than a five minute gift and depending on what snack you use or how fast your husband eats nuts... hours to remind himself he is loved.

Here's my Nut Design! Just right click on the image to save it to your computer and print it out using your Word Document software (so you can adjust the size)

Day 4:

On Day 3 I decided to make some cookies for my love. While this is a little effort my bestie Megan came over and we made some for both our husbands so we made it fun! 

Plus... when was I ever going to be able to make Lingerie Cookies again? 
(actually I've made them a few times but that's besides the point...)

He got a great kick out of it!! 

I already had all the baking supplies and sprinkles around my house so this Valentine only cost me my time. I was able to pack these up for him and let him take on a quick business trip and it made his trip much more entertaining. 

I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs How Does She. I adore that blog as one of the ladies who writes for that blog ADORES her husband and does amazing things for him all the time! 

If these cookies may be too much for you they have 'G' rated ideas too. 

Day 5:

On Day 5 I found this adorable Free Printable that came with it's own free printable envelope!

It's located Here and I actually used ALL THREE of their free printable Valentine's cause they were so cute! I used them on Day 5, 10 and 13. 

Those aren't your style? Have no fear!

Check out this Pinterest Search and there are TONS of free Printable Cards you can choose from!

Day 6:

You've seen it, thought it was cute and now it's time to do it!

Grab yourself a box of yummy Reese's Pieces (unless your hubby is allergic... obviosuly) and use this printable I made! Print it out, tie it on with some cute thread and you are good to go! 

Day 7:

On Day 7 I bought him a Hallmark Card. He and I love buying and getting Hallmark cards. He use to give me like 7 during any given holiday. Now I don't have money to just throw at Hallmark anymore so I use Pinterest to find some FREE Printable Cards I can write in and are just as darling. 

So that was our first Seven days! 

Feel free to use them all or just a few! 

I'll post the next 7 days soon to finish up the 14 days.

Till then... sit back and enjoy the joy that will be on your spouse's face.

Enjoy knocking his socks off!!! 
He deserves to know how much he means to you.

Check out Part 2

God Bless,


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