14 Days of Valentine's: Part 2

Forgive me for not getting this out sooner!

My poor Mac has been at the Mac Doctor the last few days and we were finally reunited today. 

So, where did we leave off? 

Day 8:

Not gonna brag... OK I am. My hubs has the best lips. Now I am bias but he also takes good care of his puckers by ALWAYS having chap stick in his pocket. So, I turned an everyday item into a Valentine
My super practical engineer husband loved it. 

Day 9:

Another Pinterest find. Seriously that site rules the Craft world. :)

I happened to already have this cute yellow shovel as one of my son's little toys. I thoroughly cleaned it (just because ya never know...) used a cellophane bag and shoved some of Bryan's favorite chocolate in it. (Dark chocolate of course). Tied it with some twine and it got the message across perfectly.

Day 10:

As I explained in Part 1: One card is just never enough.
Here is another free Printable that seriously got my point across... cause let's face it: Our men are one of the TOP reasons why we shave. 

Day 11 & 12:

Sadly, I can't seem to find my Day 11 and 12.

So, here are some great ideas that others have lovingly done for their spouses to give you some inspiration.

These precious sisters did a ton of great  FOOD Valentine ideas.

Mommy by Day and Crafter by Night did a stunning Love note version.

All super better than mine so go check them out!!

Day 13:

The last of my adorable free printable from Cottage Industrialist:

Day 14:

It's Valentine's Day! Bryan goes to work rather early so he and I never really get breakfast together. Yet... on such a special occasion how could ya not cook up some lovin? 

I surprised my main squeeze with a full out spread before he traveled off to provide for our family. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post and it encourages you to go out and love on your man!

Have a great Valentine's Day!!

God Bless,


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