March-ing in some Greenery

Ever had one of those weeks where you got a lot accomplished... and yet didn't all at the same time?

Story of my life.

During our Spring Break we finished our Bedroom curtains! And when I say we, I mean me and my trusty iron. We have a love/hate relationship. The iron doesn't like to talk about it.

So with that awesome distraction I did not get to post some of the easier projects that sprung up around the house during this month.

And in celebration of my favorite holiday tomorrow,  St Patrick’s Day, here is my March mantle and some other spring decor.

Hopefully I'll be posting my curtains soon as soon as I finish packing for Disney!

One day I hope to understand my fancy Canon camera to actually take nice photos... though photography has never been my skill. My apologies.

When I was growing up I hated fake flowers. Ugh... so FAKE
My mother would just shake her head and say one day I will understand the awesomness of them.

That day came.

Thankfully it came on a week where Michael's had all their flowers on sale 40% off. Score.

Fake flowers have come along way dear friends... way worth the investment.

 This stunning table cloth use to be my Great Grandmother Boylan's. My mom would tell me how it would come out for every holiday which was why it had food stains littered around.

I found it awhile back and used my White Brite on it and though there still are stains... they are faint and just a reminder of how loved this sweet treasure is.

These awesome bird cages are from my sweet friend Hollie.

She let me have them for my spray painting pleasure and I think once I figure out what to put in them they will have quite a happy home here.

Hope you have a fantastic week my sweet friends!!

And may I have more awesome photos like this to share after our long awaited and desperately needed vacation!

God Bless and Much Love,


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