Watch what you Say...

When I worked at Disney (A million years ago) they were adament about teaching us to watch what we say becasue you never know who was around you. Sharing a Disney tidbit to some adult might completely ruin the magic to the five year old standing behind you.

Fast forward to parenting and watching what you say could mean the difference between a pleasant afternoon or chasing after a two year old shouting a colorful word at the top of his lungs with glee.

Yet, while we all know to watch what negative comes out of our mouth, are we aware of the positives that come out?

It's an afterthought obviously but what you use your lips to praise, others are listening to as well and I learned yesterday that words I use to lift up are a thousand times more important than the words I am always "watching what I say." 

For Christmas Bryan bought me my first bicycle since I was in high school. He found this bicycle shop that was a good forty minutes away from our house and we had the best time looking at bikes, trying them out and choosing just the right one!

It was a fun experience where Bryan had three fun children to watch: Elliot who was trying to ride all the Toddler bikes, Ethan who was rocking his car seat and me who was running around like a kid in a candy store. 

Long story short... we purchased the perfect bicycle! Our attendant had promised us one feature for the bike he needed to special order and well... that special order took about two months. 

We called and called so needless to say this bicycle shop is no longer our favorite. After making me feel like a stalker they FINALLY came through and kept their word. I took my bicycle over yesterday and I was hoping to get in and out since I'm sure the man we "harrassed" made it clear what a "cray cray" I was. Even though we had every right to pursue him on it since he made a promise and people need to be responsible and keep their word... I still felt like an idiot and wanted to avoid all of these people. 

So, like any responsible adult... I left my children in the car so I had to wait in the car with them and not have them stare at me. 

Yet, as one of the attendants was escorting me to my car he paused and than called me back. 

"You know I remember you." 

Oh nutz... that never is a good phrase when said to me. 

"You were here with your husband and... the way you talked to him." He paused for a second and I stood frozen confused. 

"It made me go home and buy my wife flowers because she treats me like you treat him. Like we are the most amazing people in the whole world. I just wanted you to know I thought it was beautiful... your husband is very lucky to be loved by you." 

I was floored. 

I didn't even remember this guy being there. But he remembered me being there and it made a difference for him. He went and bought his lady flowers! 

Ephesians 4:29:
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear..

I always am conscious to tell the truth about parenting... that yes, it is rough but 90% of the time it truly is joy. Often though we can only harp on the negative 10%.

"College is awful... That school is terrible. I hate it." 

"My job is a nightmare! They are too demanding." 

"My husband never does anything around the house... lazy oaf..." 

"Ugh good luck having two kids... kiss your life goodbye."

Today remind yourself of the 90% of awesome and don't dwell on the negative. Some things aren't as awesome I'm sure but there are plenty that are and today tell someone about it.

You never know who is listening. 

The young couple who is secretly thinking about having children...
The high schooler who is thinking about attending that college...
The wife who is looking for an excuse to not love her husband...

With your speech give grace to those who are listening to you.
It will mean the world to them. 

God Bless and Much Love,



  1. oh goodness how awesome and encouraging you are my lady!! I enjoyed this story so so much!! much love lady <3

  2. Great testimony to the Lord! You honored Brian and that made an impact on that man's life. Such a good reminder to practice Eph. 4:29.