Well, aren't you Mint-tastic: Dining Room Reveal

When I find myself in a busy season the first thing I cut out so I can breathe a bit is... the blog.

I don't make any money off of it but it's more of a fun little hobby that I hope can inspire people to know God more, love their hubbys more or maybe pick up a new skill.

When I finished my first craft ages ago in 2010 it was a lame little hair flower. 
It was. We don't have to be nice about it. But… I made it. Even though it wasn't super easy and needed a lot of work that was the fun part of it! Learning and growing.

So, if you read my blog and it inspires you to even try a new coffee flavor (which I have no idea how you got that idea from reading this blog but I digress…) or kidnap your husband for a date (that seems more likely) that's exciting! 

Because if you have read anything of mine you know that if I can do it… ANYONE can at least attempt it! 

While I haven't had much going on these past few months since I spent the first trimester napping and trying to eat… I have kind of gotten off the couch the last two weeks and made a few signs but I have been neglectful in showing you projects I have completed. 

So, in honor of the fact that I am hosting my first ever Family Holiday for my side of the family this coming Sunday I thought I'd show off a little bit of work that I completed. 

Now, I've hosted my husband's family for Easter and Christmas but this is my Mom and Sister. 
I have some big shoes to fill to follow in my crazy amazing Mom's footsteps. 

Hopefully this dinning room will help -- 

If you've seen my Facebook or previous posts I've mentioned the elusive "Dining Room" with the Mint walls and gold polka dot curtains… I've had this room in my mind for months. 

Yet, this mint color…

I'm not going to lie to you…. took forever and it wasn't fun. 

Colors are sometimes not our friend. They aren't. We have a color in our mind, we go to the paint store and is that color there in the exact perfect shade?

Uh no. 

I looked for this Mint color for six months. 

Six. Months. 

For a color… I mean really. 

I tried them on a board first so I wouldn't have paint splotches on my wall for months.

After I ran out of board… I just went to the wall anyway. 

Look at all those color variations…. 

After buying every Mint color I could find (12 different samples) I started mixing my own.
There were two colors I liked but one was too dark and the other too light…


But eventually we found it. 

It was Mint-Tastic and when I painted my dark gray next to it in the entryway it made it shine even more. 

Bryan and I had gone back and forth about painting the entire entryway/dining room Mint. 

Yet, Bryan hates mint. I mean the poor man really does not like that color. He has dragged his feet the entire time I've wanted to paint that room Mint and when I finally gave up and was like, "Ok we will paint it gray," since the man wants EVERY ROOM gray… 

He said no. I wanted Mint. It should be Mint and that he would just close his eyes when he walked past it. It's so sad and so romantic all at the same time… I seriously love that man and I do not deserve him.

But I'll keep him forever. 

So, it got painted mint! 

Now while Bryan may hate the color… he loves my Gold Polka Dot Curtains… that I will share tomorrow! 

God bless and Much Love,


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