It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Like… since May last year… been awhile.

Life goes by so fast and then POOF… it’s just a collection of great memories and photos.

Ethan turned 3

Ezra turned 1

Elliot turned 5

This year has been a bit of a trial over here in McCarty land with medical issues, new job opportunities and three children under five.

Granted I have the three children all the time… but all the time it is crazy and most days I'm not super at it! 

But while we have our ups and downs God is still faithful to keep working on us. And one thing He has been working on me is getting this blog up and running because while it is easier to capture life in a tiny facebook status update… that isn’t really capturing life.

I could give you a ton of excuses why I haven’t blogged, most of them being I’m super lazy and would rather binge watch a show but… these three reasons might be a better explanation:  

1.     I haven’t had anything great to say.
a.     I have this nagging feeling in me that if I’m going to take up your time to read my blog, it better be something worth saying.
That was putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on me. I wanted every post to be a “Make your life 10x better post” and honestly… You shouldn’t be reading a blog for that. That is crazy. If I make you smile then the time I spent on here is worth it but you might also like getting to know me better… I am stinkin hilarious. I mean just sayin…
2.     It takes a lot of time…
a.     Blogging is kind of time consuming… and children are kind of time consuming. Many people can do both at the same time. I’m not very good at it so I choose to do the one that was way more important: Kids.
Will I be writing on this every day? Ha! But I can definitely try for more than once or twice a year… These years are precious and fast. I gotta hold on while I can.  
3.     I was a bit afraid…
a.     I fear more and more for the world around us. I had a fear that if I kept blogging that someone would get a hold of one of my blog posts, take it wrong and I’d suddenly have CPS knocking at my doorstep to take my children away because someone didn’t think I knew what I was doing. First: I don’t know what I’m doing. Second: Is this an extreme fear? Yes… but is it????

So with all those factors… I kinda let my sweet McCarty Designs fall to the wayside for a bit.

But I shouldn’t. Because one day this might be the only thing my children read about their mom... since I am super not a journal kinda person and if they look at my planner they are just gonna think mom was super OCD with the color coding. (I may or may not use 8 different color pens to keep my life on schedule…)  

Now you know why you haven’t seen me… but how about I show you what I’ve been up to and we can start off a new year of blogging with excitement!

Here is to the rest of 2016!

So let’s spend some time catching up and getting to know one another again.

I think it’s going to be great fun.

- Jessica

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