A Christmas Mantle

I never grew up dreaming about being a home maker and I certainly never dreamed about decorating my home. In fact the more I think about what I didn't dream about... I wonder what I was dreaming and thinking about.

Whatever it was... it certainly cannot compare to what did happen in my life.

Loving husband, two perfectly healthy boys and a place to call our home. For some odd reason too... my husband lets me decorate that home he lovingly built for us.

When Bryan and I got married we always associated Christmastime with warm fires. In Louisiana you really don't have many nights you actually need a fire... So, he bought me the lame Fire DVD for Christmas one year and I bought him a real fire pit to help his manly, "Must light Fire" mentality but he's always wanted a real one in our home. So, when the option was available on our new casa it was a no-brainer.

It was one of the first things that we recognized during construction:

The first thing we played with before we moved in...

And the one place I felt most excited about decorating. It isn't much... and the rest of the house isn't even close to being done but... what do you think?

Does it feel like Christmas to you? (the fire helps doesn't it?)

It does to me!

We have our beautiful stockings. Ethan's just came in yesterday!
[Ours are from Etsy and the boys are from Pottery Barn]

Two giant sacks of toys [bags courtesy of a Target Gift and Amazon gift that I've held onto over the years. I stuffed them with the boys stuffed animals. They haven't missed them yet.]

Bought the greenery, cinnamon sticks, red holly and N E L letters at Hobby Lobby. (All there stuff is 50%) The O is a small wreath from Hobby Lobby as well. I was inspired by this Pinterest Photo:

Yet, made my own version. It's super easy too:

For the N I spray glued it than laid burlap over it. Cut the excess and taped on some small Christmas greenery. I spray painted the E white, the L gray and than sprayed glitter paint on them and the Wreath and VOILA! Noel.

The beautiful vintage mirrored window/door/whatever is from a Flea Market in NOLA. I haggled it to $10 with my bestie Megan F. I may turn it into a chalkboard one day but I thought it was beautiful the way it was... and for those who were reading my Facebook... that window is the one I was sanding and than realized it may have lead paint but I haven't died yet so I guess I'm good. ;) I'm sure you enjoyed my freak out about it though so you are welcome.

The Merry and Bright sign I bought from Goopdeals.com. It was one of their sales a while back.

I think for my first attempt at a Christmas Mantle it came out well... definitely looks too pretty to be something I put together!! But perhaps it may be the start of more pretty things to come...

Happy Holidays.

God Bless,


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