A Real Christmas Tree

On my way to a flea market a few months ago I saw a sign for a Christmas Tree Farm.
I thought those only existed up north or in the movies.

You can imagine my excitement that they actually were real and one was within range!!

See, growing up we had beautiful artificial Christmas Trees and no one can decorate a tree like my momma... except maybe Martha Stewart but her tree doesn't have the warmth ours did growing up.

Now there is nothing wrong with artificial Christmas trees and after this Christmas I may find out their mass appeal as I lug a dead tree out my house.

Yet, when I told my in-laws though that we'd never had a real tree they decided one day I should and bought me my very own Christmas Tree in 2009.

We planted it and planned to cut it down one day and use it as our first real tree!
Sadly though, when we moved to Texas we had to leave our sweet Christmas Tree behind.

But being Bryan... he wouldn't let my real Christmas tree dreams die. Even though this year we actually won't even be here for Christmas... He looked up that tree farm and off we went!!


I think we walked their entire farm looking for the right tree.
I was kinda picky... we were looking for a Leylend Cypress like the one we had in our backyard yet for the life of us couldn't find one. That's because we were in the Virginia Pine section... on the hayride back with our beautiful pine we found the Cypress section... whoops

But when I saw this little guy I knew it was the right one. It looked even better when I put some good looking men next to it...


Next thing you know we had it chopped down and put up in it's new home!

Beautiful isn't he?
We just added some family memories with a little help from Elliot (who only broke one ornament by the way... kudos to him!) and our new tree found it's home!

I think it's going to be a very Merry Christmas!

God Bless!


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