DIY Quick Christmas Decor: Trees in a jar

It's December and I am having some mad Christmas decorating spirit!

So, here is a super easy craft you can do today that will bring some Christmas Cheer the rest of December! 

If you are like me, your husband has by now questioned why you collect junk.
I do. I collect glass jars, old picture frames and random pieces of interestingness that I know one day I may be able to turn into something.

Today could be a great day for you to turn that “junk” into something!

I got some glass jars I had lying around that I’ve collected over the years.

All you need are:
                Glass Jars
             Epsom salt
                  Small trees 
     (Trees they normally use in like Santa village displays. I bought mine at  Michael’s when they were
     50% off. I got like 21 one of them so go in with a friend and save even more bucks.)

 My mom taught me to decorate in three’s so I used a large hermetic jar I got from a thrift store for $1 (I saw them at World Market though for $10), a glass spaghetti jar and a glass gravy jar.

Each were cleaned, (Goo Gone be some miracle stuff people!) placed some little trees in and dumped some “snow” on them.

And voila! Instant Holiday d├ęcor that takes less than five minutes to put together but brings a smile every time you pass it. Hubbies usually like it too and it helps them know you aren’t just collecting junk to collect it… but that you can make beautiful things out of it.

Happy Holidays!

God Bless,


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