A little Office/Craft Room Organization

Bryan and I have grand dreams for our office space.
Completely different yet equally Grand dreams all the same.

He envisions an office he can quietly retreat to in order to keep being the awesome man he is. A space he can work uninterrupted to bring home the bacon and also have a place to read his Bible and think awesome thoughts about me. A manly space with beautiful photos of trumpets and ships and bridges... ya know... things he finds interesting and unique.

I imagine it and have made huge strides (much to Bryan's sadness) to make it a crafter heaven
 with everything perfectly in it's place and at the ready at all times. A place full of bright colors, glue guns, sewing machines and Baker's Twine. Lots... and lots of Baker's Twine.

For the sake of my happiness Bryan has relented his grand dream. Probably because I was sort of hostile (look, at the time I just happened to be carrying a hammer working on something, it had nothing to do with what he was saying) when he suggested his design preferences. But... I do adore the man, I'm sure I'll sneak in some bridge or trumpet photos in there.

It will probably look great next to my Baker's Twine. ;)

Now I always have grand dreams of showing you rooms fully completed.

Let's be honest... I don't have a room fully completed and I don't think I ever will. So than my blog would be even more boring than it is...

So, as I finish pieces I might as well show you! And than one day... in the very far future... we can have another chat about a completed room but until then... here are the MILLION AND ONE steps it takes to actually make one.

Pinterest is so handy. I've been looking up ways to store all the crap... I mean awesomeness I keep collecting to use on future projects that have yet to be imagined. (You just never know what you will need so I keep everything... and that has now rubbed off on Bryan so at any moment we pretty much have a well stocked arsonal of unusual yet maybe useful items around the house. Score.)

Well, my minor OCD kind of kicks in when it comes to my crafting stuff. It isn't fun to craft if you have to pull out seven boxes to get one thing that you need.

So, we have started some solutions!!

I stalk cragistlist and when this beauty came up we jumped on it. It is so nice to have a place to actually sit my Cricut on. Before I had to pull it out of the box, grab all the supplies than put it back in the box with all the pieces... It was exhausting. Now I can cut something out in no time flat. 

I love my vintage flashlight I got off Etsy too. It serves no purpose except looking awesome. Sometimes you just need those kind of items...

I love these two crates and finally just nailed them to the wall. One houses my Baker's Twine. I wrap everything with that and decorate a lot of my custom designs with it as well. 

The other has this adorable frame one of my bestie's Kristen gave me before I moved. It says, "Given enough thread I could rule the world..." Love her. 

The two white boxes are from the all awesome Ikea and house all my fancy and solid cardstock. I have a lot of cardstock. 

Here is a better shot of the cabinet. Ignore underneath. I'm going to eventually get some locker baskets to put under there but a million other things to do first... The basket next to it with all the papers sticking out are actually my old Theatre layouts I use to do in college as well as some specialty rolled paper. 

These beauties are from Ikea. I think you are supposed to use them for kitchen organization?
I have drawers for that but man did I need a place to put sissors, hole punches, nails and tape! This is so helpful I can't even tell you. Instead of having to fish through drawers it is right at my fingertips. 

Hubby had a fun time hanging them but they came out stunning.

We have two giant desks in our office. This one is mine and my husband has a stunning old executive desk that use to belong to my Great Grandfather. 

This beast of a desk before you though I actually got for free off a movie set back in Louisiana. It's redonkulously heavy. But it works! I converted one half of it into nothing but sewing things.

I adore to sew. I'm not good at it but it's super gratifying. 

I happen to have a killer sewing machine. My husband bought it for me for my birthday last year and it was love at first stitch. The serger my mom owned and gave it to me when she was cleaning out her closets. Currently... the serger is untamed frontier in our house but one day I will fire that puppy up and see how it goes. I need to desperately make some covers for them. 

Hopefully that will be a project I can show you later.

I bought this small filing cabinet at Good Will for $6. I spraypainted it yellow and used hanging folders to store all of my fabric by color and pattern. I use to have them in random baskets all over so this is so nice!

Now this piece of awesomeness is an antique sewing box.

I've been wanting one for two years and have been stalking Ebay and Etsy like a crazy person for them. I just could never bring myself to spend over $70 for one! 

One day my bestie Dannette and I were in a flea market and this little beauty was just sitting there... calling my name! I acted all nonchalant about it and offered like $8 for it. I acted so great Dannette thought I didn't even want to the thing. Oh no... I wanted it and I scored it for $8!!!!

It was a little worse for wear, needed some screws and a new bottom but Bryan and I whiped it into shape in a day and now I have some serious thread storage. 

Well, that was a little sneak peek.

Life can't always be fully organized... especially mine... but having some small pieces here and there really bring a smile to my face.

God Bless and Much Love,


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