Kindred Spirits and the Chest Hair Onsie

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by C.S. Lewis:
Friendship is born in that moment when one person says to another, "What? You too?! I thought I was the only one!"  
Anne of Green Gables would call a friend like that a "Bosom Friend" or a kindred spirit.

I am truly blessed to have met some amazing kindred spirits along my crazy journey.

People you meet and within five minutes you instantly know that you could seriously have some fun with this person.

One of my favorite kindred spirit friends is one I have never even lived in the same town with. In fact, it wasn't until I moved to Texas that we even lived in the same state. Though... we live on opposite ends of Texas which still doesn't help our predicament of always wanting to be together.

I met Dannette on a Ski trip in 2008. My first ski trip and first ever experience with snow. Epic.

We had gone with a group including their parents and I'd grown up with her hubby in my church back home. (I don't remember him but he has super vivid and embarrassing memories of me... awesome.)

And we hit it off amazingly. We were pretty convinced God made us to be friends with one another and we just needed to work on living in the same town....

While we are always working on that, yet obviously have not been successful, we made every effort to get ourselves in one place together over the years. We went on mission trips, church conferences and visited each other's homes. 

This was easier to do since our husbands are kindred spirits too. 

I affectionately call Dannette my “Older Woman” as she is older (though you can barely tell) and possesses massive wisdom I could only hope to attain one day.

I've been Blessed by her example of how much she adores and supports
her hubby Allen. We've delighted in sharing stories and ideas on how to keep knocking our hubby's socks off.

And throughout these years of friendship we've been praying over and over (as along with a slew of people who all know Allen and Dannette) that God would bless them with a little bambino.

After years of trying, medical tests, assessments, surgeries, ect... we had watched with 
love and respect as each time though they may have gotten discouraged it did not dissuade them from the Truth that they knew God had a promise of children in store for them. 

And as always... God is Faithful to deliver His promises.

In 2012 Allen and Dannette went forward with Snowflake Adoption and...
Baby Dicharry was on his way!

It wasn't an easy journey and it wasn't always fun but the Lord was always with them. When they cried He comforted them. When they wanted to give up, He sustained them. He opened their minds to an understanding of Him that I can probably only hope to know as I grow older.

As we eagerly await July and this little dude's arrival it was only my deepest honor and pleasure to make stuff for their little man, Benjamin:

This wooden sign was designed for Little Man's nursery.

Yet, my favorite gift... is the Chest Hair Onesie.

Now, I love Allen Dicharry.
He is my brother, he takes excellent care of my Best friend and he is an AMAZING friend to my Husband but the man...

He's got some Chest Hair.
And only like in one spot... ya know right up top and it creeps out of your shirt.


I totally over the years have tortured him about it and in jest I told his wife that we'd glue some hair to their bambino whenever he came out so he'd look like dear old dad.

This below idea... was a smarter alternative to that:

Now Benjamin really can be just like Dad...

So excited for my dear sweet friends and cannot wait to meet little Benjamin!

God Bless and Much Love,


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