Upholstering Adventure!

It’s Summer!

Being a stay at home mom with non-school age kids... summer really doesn't do much for us except that now it's unbearably hot all the time. Awesome...

Yet, summer time now has some perks as our teacher friends are free to come over and play!

My gamer friend Leslie stopped by today to hang out and she didn't have really anything in mind to do, she just wanted to talk and catch up. <3

She's so awesome.

So I decided to teach her how to upholster.

Me: "Wanna learn how to upholster?"
Leslie: "Uh... I'm sure I'll need to know that."

She is such a trooper!

Bryan and I have been working on these Ikea windowseats that have been all over Pinterest and were now on our final step... assembling the seat cushions.

We had purchased our Ikea Expedit Bookcases long ago and put them together and much to my awesome yet not really a surprise anymore... they didn't fit in the space I wanted them in. BUT awesome hubby that he is fixed them perfectly.

I used the Ikea bins that are made for the Expedit. They look amazing and are a 
redonkulous amount of storage! I simply glued some round wooden labels I painted with chalkboard paint to them and voila! Toy storage. 

So, Bryan and I had purchased some thick particle board and cut out all the foam (50% off sale from Jo'Ann's!) so all that was needed was the fabric... which I didn't have. I didn't have a clue what to use. It was a huge decision... I mean the fabric would have to tie in with all the colors on the wall (which there aren't any) and any theme I choose (which I don't have) and for decorations... (again don't have) yea I had a mini meltdown over this fabric... so I just pretended like I didn't need to finish this project.

While the kids got use to the foam and board lying in our dinning room... Bryan didn't.

Finally on a random trip to Hobby Lobby to buy a fancy paintbrush... I spotted it!!
It was perfect. It would match anything, it was a cute boy them... yea it worked perfect so I snatched it up and Bryan and I cut/ironed it yet ran out of time to actually Upholster it to the waiting boards and foam.

Than came Leslie. :)

Shoot... we made upholstering look easy. We were almost pro's!

Sure.... we accidentally did one backwards and upside down BUT it was a special cut out that Bryan had lovingly cut out to go around the window. Super easy mistake!

After that... it all came out perfect.

Now the boys have a window seat and toy storage and I have another project I can scratch off my list.

Much love and many thanks Leslie! You rock and you now know how to Upholster.

God Bless and Much Love,


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