A Thanksgiving Mantle

I find when I am focused on a task with a deadline, like say
...planning an anniversary party...
for some strange reason, I decide to start four or five new projects.

I've apparently always done this since no one is surprised but rather ready to stop or help me in my quest to be a crazy person doing ten things at once who should really be only doing say three things:

1. Making Husband's life incredible
2. Keep children alive, fed and unquestionably loved
3. One other random thing that will probably make a mess but look awesome later. 

My mom is usually my main accomplice in these situations. She doesn't always understand what I'm doing but is supportive and helpful in all situations. Which says a lot since yesterday alone I pulled out a glue gun, cordless drill, christmas lights, plastic table cloths and a chandelier. 
(It will make sense later, promise. I mean not later in this post but maybe later down the road...)

She and Bryan have the wisdom to see what CAN be accomplished vs. what I WANT to accomplish. 

Apparently that is a VITAL gift to have. Many of my friends and family have this gift and are always willing and lovingly ready to share it with me. Whew. 

One thing I was able to accomplish was my long abandoned Fall Mantle.

After my Fall Breakdown I resigned that section of the house as a fail and would wait till Christmas to redeem that area to something I would love staring at. 

This last week I was finding myself adding to the mantle. 
A pallet sign here. Pumpkin there. 

Then I found it.


You know, that one thing that you build everything else around.

My piece? My Turkey Platter.

Oh yea. It's cheesy, probably a bit ugly but me and that turkey... 
we go way back. 

I received that crazy bird plate in a White Elephant Gift Exchange in our College/Singles age ministry over four years ago. Bryan immediately hated it but I held onto it. Stuffed it in my China cabinet and brought that sucker back to the White Elephant Gift Exchange the next year. 

Except when the moment came for me to move on... I couldn't.

I stole the turkey back!!! 

Bryan was horrified. I was elated and the bond was forged. 

That turkey plate needed me. It had been tossed from White Elephant party to White Elephant party and it just needed a home (it had been to at least two other White Elephant parties before it made it into my arms).
A crazy, odd, loud home.

Yet, my husband wasn't a fan no matter how much I sang the turkey's praises.

So... when Christmas rolled around I wrapped him up, put him in a beautiful box and took him back to the White Elephant Party. I didn't shed any tears or anything but I did execute self-control and let the bird find a new home. 

Now you are wondering how that bird found his way back to me aren't you?

Well, when things belong together... they just find a way back to one another.

When we packed up to move to Texas many of our sweet friends came to help us store all our memories into boxes. While packing up our China cabinet I lamented over my long lost bird... 

Jenn: "A turkey plate? Jessica, I got that at the White Elephant Party last year!"Me: "You did?! I loved that thing!"Jenn: "I had no idea it meant so much to you! Would you like it back?"

That would be a Heck Yes and Bryan only smiled and nodded. Victory.

The bird was ours once again!

And now Bryan has to look at him on the mantle every day. 
Poor Man. 
Embrace the bird Bryan! It's awesome. 

That's a good lookin bird isn't it? 

At least Bryan only has to suffer it for a few weeks. The other project I started today (which was NOT planning my party... fail) was a giant pallet sign for a sweet Christmas Mantle. 
Let's hope I can pull it off.

Happy November!!

God bless and Much Love,


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