A Nativity Christmas Mantle

I haven't been very much on the ball with Christmas this year.
In fact there is still a box of decorations in my dinning room and a decor meltdown happening in my kitchen with our church group's Christmas Party happening on Thursday.

Yea... but my dishes were done! Priorities.

But I did somewhat plan ahead. I knew I wanted to make a giant sign for my mantle.
My mantle space is HUGE.

Everything I put on it always looks super tiny so I decided to make something that would finally fill the space. It ended up being 4ft tall and 3 ft wide.

It was a beast.

It doesn't photograph well but it's beautiful in person. Promise. :)

The Star I made from Lowe's yard sticks using this lady's adorable tutorial from the 20 Minute Crafter.

I wouldn't recommend using Lowe's yard sticks because Lowe's painted numbers and etched on their yard sticks so I actually had to put like three coats of primer on it to cover their imprint.

The swag is just from Michael's. I added an extra pine cone swag to it that you can see by itself in my Thanksgiving Mantle. They look fantastic together! I want to keep it up all year long.... sigh...

We hung our stockings with command hooks cause seriously the person who made those is a genius.

You can never go wrong with red berries in green bottles. I collect bottles all year long that are random sizes or colors. You can spray paint them, glue on them, etch them, ect. They are a fun versatile decoration you can pop in anywhere.

Bryan added his family's antique nativity set, way out of reach of tiny little hands.

The rest of the house may be in chaos but the mantle is shining bright!

God bless and Much Love,


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  1. Love! You need to sell that sign on Etsy, it's gorgeous! Wish I lived near you so you could help me decorate!