Year Four: Get Married by Elvis!

When Bryan and I started our Anniversary Tradition we both joked that we wanted to one day get married by Elvis in Las Vegas. I'd always seen people on tv shows and movies getting married in Vegas and it looked like a total blast.

After having Elliot we thought it would be a great time to go to Vegas before we started trying for Baby Mac #2. We are firm believers in taking vacations without your kids. It helps to refresh your relationship with your husband but also with your kids!

Sometimes taking even a night away from your kids helps refresh you to not only give them fresh grace but give you fresh grace because parenting is hard. I know I need to be reminded pretty much every hour that I'm not as evil of a parent as I think I am or that my kids are as evil as they seem!

We made our plans. Found the best Elvis Chapel to re-new our vows, booked a posh hotel, got tickets to the Cirque show 'O' and even convinced Bryan's brother and his wife to come with us! And after we returned we'd get preggos.

Well, if you have read my blog for long you know God has the best time tweaking my plans.

So, off we went to Vegas to get married… 8 weeks pregnant with Ethan.

Now I was going to at least get my money's worth at the buffets.

Back to the Wedding…

This was probably our easiest wedding to throw as we just had to show up.
They sent a limo to our hotel, picked us up, provided a photographer and even webcast the entire wedding live for our family and friends back home to see.

It was pretty epic.

As a themed wedding expert (who has no certification or any expertise whatsoever…) I would definitely recommend renewing your vows with Elvis. He puts on one awesome show.

Riding in style.

When we explained why we were getting married to Elvis he was a bit surprised then just ran with it.
He worked in our story throughout the ceremony as well as so many Elvis song references it kept us in stitches the entire time.

Each year along with memories I've also been collecting wedding rings.
On the cruise ship we used a piece of confetti from one of Disney's deck celebrations they had shot in the air. For the Prom wedding it was a tacky ribbon and for the shotgun wedding we bought a $9 yellow diamond from Wal-Mart.
This massive blue diamond surprised Elvis so much it actually tripped him up and he had to start his sentence over. Pretty impressive since I'm sure he has seen quite a lot of crazy in Vegas...

There was a ton of singing and dancing. Though it only lasted about 9 minutes it was so much fun.

Our Vegas wedding was everything and more than I could have ever imagined.
I mean how can you go wrong with Elvis?

Thank ya, thank you very much.

God Bless and Much Love,


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