Year Two: The Ugly Prom Wedding

If you are just tuning in, I am spending this week telling you about our Weddings.
If you want to catch up and figure out why Bryan and I re-new our vows each year check out Year One. 

We were excited to continue our tradition and since I never had a Prom at my high school growing up we immediately choose to do an 80's Ugly Prom. Epic, I know. ;)

Yet, the end of 2009 was a bit rough for us.
We had decided to move and put our house on the market because we found out we were having a baby! House hunting and house selling though was very exhausting and disappointing. We were feeling pretty raw and clingy with each other when on Halloween we got some really bad news that our little pumpkin had stopped growing at 6 weeks.

While God was definitely working something awesome to come later down the road from our heartache (check out the awesome story here) somehow having a huge bash to start off our annual tradition didn't really seem exciting to us anymore.

So, instead we invited a small group of friends who helped turn our mourning into dancing.
Really awful dancing…

We held the prom at our home and every prom needs a cheesy backdrop and some cheesy posed photos:

My Awesome In-laws who always are on board with our silliness. 

We were striking our prom poses when the doorbell rang and this couple showed up: 

At first we had no idea who they were. 
Then we looked closer and realized… It was my parents. 

Now suddenly a conversation from that morning made sense…

Mom: "There is a costume contest tonight right?" 
Me: "A costume contest? I guess so… why not." 
Mom: "Great. Better get a good first place prize." 

We still don't know how in the world she got my super awesome dad to dress in drag but it was stinkin hilarious. They without a doubt won best dressed.

After photos it was time to tie the knot.

My in-laws Carol and Jim took on the very solemn duty of officiating our wedding. They dressed up in official garb and everything and the ceremony lasted at least twenty minutes.

We didn't give them any instructions and much like when my parents officiated they pretty much had free reign to make up vows we know nothing about until we have to say them.

This wedding had many vows that I was super not ok with like "keeping my home spotless or rising early every morning to make Bryan breakfast". I mean who did they think I was? An awesome wife?! My awesomeness comes in other less practical ways… 
But if you'd like to take a look at the vows handwritten by the McCarty Matriarch's take a gander below. They are adorables: 

It was a beautiful and hilarious party and that was definitely a time we needed to laugh.

I've still never been to a Prom but I feel my prom was way cooler than any I would have ever attended in high school… and my date was way hotter.

God Bless and Much Love,


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