Year Three: The Shotgun Weddin'

Bryan has a knack for catching me off guard and making me speechless.

Sometimes it's romantic, sometimes I'm just stupefied at his brilliance and others… I'm shocked out of my socks he just did that. Like the, "Oh you did NOT just do that!" or the "Oh you Rock so much I can't believe how much fun you are!" kind of just did that.

One of my favorite such times…

We were in Wal-Mart, I'm eight months pregnant with Elliot and HUGE. We both are dressed in dirty paint clothes from painting Baby Mac's nursery when suddenly he turns to me in the check out line, drops to one knee and loudly in the best hick voice he could muster… asks me to marry him.

He holds out a $9 fake yellow diamond ring to me with a big cheesy smile and I order him to get his butt up and pay for our stuff before I freak out.

That kick starts Year Three in our Wedding Tradition.

I was going to be nine months pregnant with Elliot when our anniversary rolled around and it didn't take but a second to realize we had to do a Shotgun wedding.

Never heard of a shotgun weddin?
It use to happen down here in the south when a Daddy found out some fella knocked up his little girl.
He'd take his shotgun and go make that fella his daughter's groom by the end of the day.

We had the BEST time with this wedding's theme. Everyone was dressed up and in full red neck character the entire night. From the burnt invites to the roadkill food, it truly was a masterpiece and something to behold… Go ahead and take a gander. There is even the wedding video at the bottom.
You're welcome.

My parents hosted this wedding at their house and everything I've ever learned about parties and hosting I learned from them. They make everything absolutely amazing. 

They also are super fun and always willing to go along with our "unique" ideas.
My dad followed Bryan around the entire day with this shotgun to make sure he married his little girl.

My mom takes her costumes to a new level of art each wedding. She was my maid of honor for this shindig and she never disappoints. The entire wedding though she was looking for her poor little dog… we didn't have the heart to tell her where he was.

 My in-laws get into it just as much. When I first met them they were quiet, sweet and I had assumed very proper at all times. I mean they may have been… until they met me and I set their inner crazy free.
They are always a blast and constantly surprising me.

My man got some ink for the big day…

Our hillbilly wedding cake. Twinkies, Abita and nutty buddys.

My Daddy walked me down our makeshift aisle and then all the shinnenanegans really began…

Bryan's outfit creeped me out so much I almost didn't let him kiss me when they said we were hubby and wife. I mean those teeth were scary!

The wedding was a huge success and a roaring good time.
Two big hillbilly thumbs up!

But why should you take my word for it when you can watch the wedding yourself? 
It's nuts and out there but it was a ton of fun. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and Y'all come back now ya hear? 

God Bless and Much Love,


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